• Catch: A controlled termination of the movement momentum of the disc without the disc touching the ground.
  • Combination: One complete sequence by a player or one co-op sequence by players of the same team. Elements may include throw, take-in, move, and catch.
  • Competitors: Includes a player or group of players teaming together.
  • Co-op: One interactive combination by two or more players on a team. A second combination or throw within the team constitutes a separate co-op for judging purposes.
  • Delay: The spinning of the disc without corresponding flight movement, usually by contact with the finger nails of the player, although toes, elbows or other objects are also used.
  • Move: The coordinated or complementary movement of the disc and the player’s body, after the take-in is made and prior to a throw or catch. The most varied element of a combination.
  • Movement Momentum: The continued flight, spin, roll or other independent movement of the disc.
  • Take-In: The address by the receiving player to a thrown disc, other than a catch or throw. The take- in may include tips, delays, fakes or any other technique performed by the player which establishes that player’s control of the disc, without stopping the disc’s continued movement momentum.
  • Throw: Transfer of the disc from one player to another through a tossing motion.